Paris Hilton welcomes new addition to her pet family — and asks fans for name suggestions

 / Source: TODAY

Paris Hilton's pet family has a new member.

On July 4, Hilton, 42, shared several photos posing with her new dog, a brown and white teacup puppy, inside her home.

"Welcoming the newest addition to the @HiltonPets family! He’s so adorable!" she wrote on Instagram. "What should we name him?! Comment below."

In the comments section, people came up with interesting ideas, including "Gizmo," "Grande Hilton" and "Prince Tokyo Hilton," in honor of her late Chihuahua, Harajuku B----.

Several Instagram users also suggested the name "Slivington," referencing one of Hilton's notable catchphrases.

“My new word is ‘sliving.’ It’s slaying mixed with living my best life," she told E! News in 2019.

Foufou Puppies, the company that Hilton got her new pooch from, took to Instagram to thank the socialite for using their services.

"It was an honor and a privilege to send our bundle of unconditional puppy love to the Queen of Queens @parishilton. It’s a Paw-Ty," the company said on Instagram.